Saturday, 25 November 2006

Cherry Tree Net Frame

Updated to add: We now only use white netting over the arches to protect our fruit trees.

With quite a length of polypipe left over after building the shade structure we set about creating a frame for a net over our Stella Cherry tree.
Two years ago the entire crops disappeared over night to the blackbirds so last year we successfully netted the tree but it was difficult to get the net on and damaged the tree slightly.
This year The Frame was built. One piece of 2 inch poly pipe 4 metres long and another 4.5 metres to allow for crossover in the middle. I am sure that 11/4 inch pipe would have sufficed but we had 2 inch left so that is what we used.

Same principle as the shade structure except the two arches cross in the middle creating a sort of dome. The star pickets could not be put exactly square due to the pond being in the way but we were pleased with the result.

Attaching the netting was easier than last year but we will purchase more of the plastic black net before next year which should be even easier to attach as it is not as flimsy as the green one used this year and shouldn't required as much joining/sewing to get the full coverage needed.

All thats left to do now is to wait for the cherries to ripen (soon!) then we can take the netting off and the frame can stay there.


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