Thursday, 16 November 2006

Bed 3 Clever Clover

This bed in the vegetable garden hasn't produced very well in the last two seasons. In 2005 I planted Roma Tomatoes here but a forest of sunflowers sprouted and while I intended to only let the ones on the edge grow to help shelter the tomatoes I never got around to thinning out all the others. Hence the jungle! Last season I planted Rockmelons here but they never seemed to take off either so I thought this would be a good test site for a clever clover patch.

The clover was planted last autumn (April 4th) and left to grow. It grew slowly over winter as the weather as very dry but still grew to a good cover. It has now died down and the resulting mulch stays where it is to feed a crop of tomatoes. The photos were taken in May, Aug, Sept, Oct and Nov (now).

All that remains to do now is remove and pot up the cherry tree suckers growing there, then a light scuffle with a claw hoe, put in some drippers and plant out the seedling Red Cloud and Ida Gold Dwarf Tomatoes I have waiting.


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