Sunday, 8 January 2017

Autumn Greens Sowing

Early January and it's time to get the Autumn greens started...

Greens Sowing 3/1/17:
Broccoli Romansco ES
Broccoli Umpqua SO
Collards Georgia Southern ES
Cabbage Red Express SO
Cabbage Tronchuda ES
Lettuce Dov SO
Lettuce Red Romaine ES
Kale Dwarf Siberian ES
Kale Jagallo Nero Mr F
Kale Scottish  ES

First we had to repair the seedling stand. This unit has been out in all the weather for a few years now and the side struts had started to rust through. With the winds this year most have snapped off. 

Doc came to the rescue with some old conduit pipe (bought for another task but wasn't suited) and made new struts. All fixed and ready to protect the new seedlings as they grow. Most of the seedlings are brassicas and as such can be wiped out in their early growth by cabbage moth caterpillars...this stand is covered with Vege Net to keep the moths off. 

Planted out:
On the edge of Beds 23 and 18
Climbing Beans Rattlesnake D
Climbing Beans Purple King D
Climbing Beans Butter GP

Seed Suppliers:
SO Select Organic
ES Eden Seeds
Mr Fothergills
D Diggers Club
GP Grower's Pride

Golden and Black Beauty Zucchini, Lettuces, Rainbow Silverbeet (Chard), Strawberries, the first of the Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Spring Onions and Potato Onions, and the first few Plums.

Friday, 6 January 2017

The End of 2016

We sweltered through the Hottest Christmas Day in SA for 70 years. It was just as well the greenhouse was nearly empty as the temperature inside was over 49C that's over 120F. Outside it reach 40C.

Relief came in the form of storms with high winds and a welcomed 50mm of rain. However the high wind took it's toll and as a result the garden has lost a favourite shade tree. This 20 year old Tagasaste has been ripped out of the ground it had provided a wonderful canopy to this area of the new kitchen garden.  

2016 was a wetter than usual year with a total of 502mm our average total is around 380mm.

We have been harvesting Golden and Black Beauty Zucchini, Green and Purple Beans, Lettuces, Silverbeet (Chard), Strawberries, the last of the Loganberries, Spring Onions and Potato Onions.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

A Sunday Stroll Around the Garden...

The garden has taken off after a slow start with a cooler than usual Spring this year. 
Earwigs have lingered causing much damage to young curcurbits and Basil!

In Bed 2 the Tromboncino Zucchini is just steering it's way to the trellis 
while the Capsicums remain small but are starting to flower.

Nearby Bed 3 the late planted Tomatoes are climbing in their cage and flowering 
while the Lettuces are ready for leaf picking. 

I have taken the Cucumber Wicking Pots out of the Shade Tunnel 
as they are covered in flowers that need the bees to visit for fruit-set.

Over in the Wicking Fridge Beds I have Chillies setting on the advanced purchased seedling while the home seeded Serrano Peppers are just beginning to flower.

Next to them the Strawberry Bed has needed a shade cover mainly to stop the black birds stealing the underneath the strawberries are getting huge!!

The Egyptian Onions have only produced tiny bulblets this year due to being moved at the wrong needed to happen.  These little clusters of growth I remove and just bury in the ground, they will form clumps of small onions that can be used as green/spring onions.

On the other side of the grapevine Bed 14 is providing masses of Beans for the freezer. 

Tomatoes are setting and growing well in Bed 16...they just need some 
warm weather to start to ripen.

It's a few days short of our Summer Solstice when traditionally I would harvest the Potato Onions but this week we've had some rain so they needed to be out of the damp ground...I'll dry them in the sun for storage. Bed 18 is now empty and has been prepared for a planting of Banana Rockmelons.
Bed 19 is producing some Golden Zucchini and some of the Kakai Pumpkins are setting fruit.
Up in the IBC Wicking Bed 21 the Silverbeet/Chard is showing off it's coloured stems.
And last but not least in Bed 25 the Butternut Pumpkin vines have begun their escape to ramble over the garden.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Beds: 21 - 25

Bed 21 IBC WickingBed
Silverbeet purchased seedlings Planted 13 Oct and Kiwano Cucumbers Sown 16 Sep Potted up 22 Sep Planted out 5 Nov

Bed 22 IBC WickingBed
Tomato Mini Amish x 5 Sown 16 Aug Potted on 10 Sep Planted Out 5 Nov in Central Cage

Bed 23
Celery (from autumn planting)

Bed 24  WickingBed
 Zucchini Black Beauty x 2 Sown 16 Sep Potted up 22 Sep Planted out 6 Oct
+ Zucchini Golden x 2 Sown 16 Sep Potted up 22 Sep Planted out 6 Oct
+ Yellow Scalloped Squash x 2  Sown 16 Sep Potted up 22 Sep Planted out 6 Oct + top up planting Back Beauty Zucchini x 3 5 Nov
+ Tomatoes Tommy Toe Gen Y x 4 (in central cage) sown 16 Aug Potted on 10 Sep Planted Out 28 Oct

Bed 25 WickingBed
Butternut Pumpkin x 5 3 Purchased plants 2 Sown 16 Sep Potted up 15 Oct Planted out 30 Oct

Plus 4 big pots of Potatoes as we don't eat that many potatoes now.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Beds:16 - 20

Bed 16 IBC Wicking Bed
Tomato Mortgage Lifter x 5 sown 16 Aug Potted on 10 Sep Planted Out 6 Oct (in central cage)
+ Basil Sweet Genovese and Purple Ruffles sown 8 Aug potted on 11 Sep  Planted out 6 Oct
+ Rat Tailed Radish (for edible pods) Direct sown 6 Oct

Bed 17 IBC Wicking Bed
Dwarf Beans Violet Queen and Italian Romanao Sown 16 Sep Potted up 22 Sep Planted out 6 Oct 
+ Tomato Mini Amish x 4 sown 16 Aug Potted on 10 Sep Planted Out 6 Oct (in central cage)
+ Cosmos Transplanted volunteer plants

Bed 18
Potato Onions
+ Vol Flat Leaved Parsley transplants
+ Vol Lettuce (from autumn)

Bed 19
Broad Beans  Aquadulce  (autumn planting)
Later - Kakai Pumpkins and Golden Zucchini  Sown 16 Sep Potted up 22 Sep Planted out 5 Nov

Bed 20
Loganberries + Strawberries + Rhubarb in Permanent Wicking Bed planted 2015


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